Alina Sykes-Grover

Office Manager


Alina Allen-Sykes is a native of Virginia Beach, Virginia with a background in Real Estate, Restaurant Management, Vacation Rentals, Property Inspections, and Marketing. She has extensive hands on knowledge that allow her to think “out of the box.” While her personality is often described as “straight and to the point” she definitely offers a lot to Spears & Company; organization, customer service, dedication, meeting deadlines and always rising to meet a challenge there is nothing she won’t work hard to accomplish. Alina offers kindness to everyone she meets and absolutely enjoys working with people. Her other passion has always been to help animals in need. During her free time you’ll often find her rescuing abandoned and abused animals making sure they are bathed, fed, loved and ready to find a more permanent home.

Alina moved to Rockport-Fulton, Texas to embark on a new adventure and be closer to her Grandparents. Upon arriving she immediately fell in love with Rockport-Fulton’s gorgeous surroundings and charm. Starting her residency here she assisted in opening Chili’s in Rockport-Fulton and worked as a Server/Bartender for three years before moving back to Virginia working as a Chili’s manager and then in Property Inspections and Real Estate. Missing Rockport-Fulton “small town feel with a giant heart” she decided to move back. Since her return to this lovely town she has worked in Vacation Rental Management, has cleaned numerous properties and since 2015 she has worked alongside Alissa Spears. Once settled into the position alongside Alissa she knew she did not want to work anywhere else. Alina loves the Real Estate industry and appreciates that every day is something different. There is also a thrill knowing that there is always an opportunity to learn something new and that she has the opportunity to provide assistance with the knowledge she has already acquired over her expansive career.

If you ask Alina if she plans to ever become a REALTOR® her answer will always remain the same, “While I believe being a REALTOR® is both rewarding and exciting, I prefer to work behind the scenes assisting in the management of the Company. That’s where my expertise lie and that’s my passion.”

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