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Are you looking to buy a home? Spears & Co has homes for sale in Rockport, TX; you can choose your comfort. We have years of experience to give you a better buying experience. When looking to buy a waterfront home, remember these tips from the experts at Spears & Co in Rockport, TX! A beautiful waterfront home is within your reach. Use our expertise to guide you through the process and get real results.

Although waterfront property is a little bit more difficult to buy than land-locked real estate, the beauty and versatility that these properties offer make them worth it. When you buy waterfront property, you are not only investing in the land but also a range of water features including rivers, canals and lakes. This creates an all-encompassing environment that is perfect for fishing or simply gazing out at the calming waves on your day off.

Waterfront homes provide unique opportunity because not only do they come with beautiful scenic views of lakeside scenery but their unrivaled proximity gives residents instant access to nature right from home without any hassle whatsoever; making living easier while simultaneously providing opportunities that other types of dwellings can’t – making it one of today’s most popular real estate investments!

Below we have 10 tips for you to make your waterfront property buying experience more:

Choose the right water.

Not all waterfront property is all the same. If you love the smell of salt air, and hearing the sound of the ocean waves crashing against the shoreline, there is no substitute for beachfront property. Neighborhoods with houses lining the beach cater to residents with an adventurous lifestyle. These beachfront properties can be an excellent place for families to live or vacation, providing memories for years to come. Beachfront homes can also make for great investments to list as vacation rental homes, when you are not using it.

Known for a more luxurious appeal and peaceful lifestyle, bayfront homes are well-situated away from the hustle and bustle of the city, but still near waterways where boating and fishing is perfect. Large waterfront properties and upscale single-family estates with breathtaking bay views make up the bulk of these types of waterfront homes for sale. Many bayfront homes have exciting features such as private docks or floating docks. Watch the beautiful sunrises or sunsets along your coastline when walking in a tranquil setting like no other!

Lakefront properties are typically considered more calm and oftentimes they’re more secluded, whereas beachfront properties tend to see more tourists and they usually border public beaches. A waterfront home on a large lake can also give great accessibility for power boating and other watersports, without giving up the peace and tranquillity that comes with living in a beautiful environment away from most of the population.

Inspect carefully and comprehensively the waterfront home.

As beautiful and tranquil a waterfront property might look on the eyes, the environment can be hard on a building. From water pushing into the basement from the high water table, the high humidity and moisture levels of the air, or the nature of salty air may cause corrosion or mildew on or in the building structure. An expert inspection will help you to understand what you might be up against. Elevation certificates, surveys, water quality tests, and other land and water-based assessments, could be recommended by a professional inspector. These tests might not have done on a regular house, however they can be crucial with waterfront property.

Check insurance requirements of the waterfront home.

Waterfront properties have more risk of flood damage, than other types of properties. Some beachfront homes can also be at risk of a hurricane or wind damage. If the property requires extra insurance, it is best to know before signing a contract.

Research the shoreline's history (and future).

Shorelines are constantly changing, and that’s because of the complicated relationship between water levels in rivers or oceans. When these two things mix (kinda like chalk painting), it can create some pretty dangerous consequences for people who live near a shoreline. When this happens, in extremes, not only could your home be at risk but so could your access to any nearby bodies of water! I.e. if the water level goes up, you can end up losing your home; if the water line moves away, the waterfront property you once owned could now be a quarter-mile walk from any water.

Consider supply & demand of the local real estate market.

If you’re looking for a good deal on properties, then it would be wise to wait until the market cools down. If there are many waterfront properties available and people aren’t buying them, it could be because of some other unseen issues in the local real estate market. However, if what’s most important to you is affordability versus luxury or convenience over similar style homes with better features elsewhere; consider your needs and wants before moving forward!

Walk the property carefully.

Spend some time on the waterfront property you are considering, it will be helpful for you in the long run. For instance, you may find that you have a beautiful view of the sun rising up every morning over water, but you may have to drive several miles to an appropriate fishing spot. Additionally, the lakefront backyard of your prospective waterfront property may be choked with weeds and debris, but remember when you see a house with an unattractive backyard, you can change the landscaping. With a waterfront home, you are also buying the scenery and access to water, so getting it right is crucial.

Look for a deal.

For some people, owning a waterfront home is like a dream comes true and for others, not so much. That can create some extremely motivated sellers. If you find a motivated seller and you move quickly, it might be an excellent deal for both buyer and seller.

Devise a strategy for the property.

If you are looking for a waterfront home for full-time, searching for a primary waterfront home is one strategic buying perspective you can take. On the other hand, if you buy it as a vacation home, you have to look into whether you can rent it out when you are not using it. Will it help you lower your ownership cost while also keeping the house from sitting empty for too long?

Look for hidden costs.

Sometimes the waterfront properties carry additional expenses that buyers might not be aware of. For the beginners, water and sewer rates will be more expensive than inland rates. Some waterfront homes that have private boat docks might also have fees for the maintenance and upkeep of those docks. As we mentioned earlier some waterfront homes require additional insurance, make sure to check with your insurance company before purchasing. These are some of the additional potential hidden expenses you need to inquire about.

Work with an expert agent.

Between possible structural issues, the title issues, and the unique way the real estate market fluctuates, buying a waterfront property can be more complicated than you’d think. So, hiring a real estate agent like Spears & Co, a real estate team specializing in waterfront homes and property, will give you an advantage in finding that waterfront property you have been dreaming of. They know well which questions to ask, who to involve in the transaction, and how to help you achieve your dream home.

Hopefully, these 10 points will help you in your journey to acquire that waterfront property you have been desiring. Do not hesitate to contact us at Spears & Co, we have waterfront homes for sale in Rockport, TX, and we want to help you and your family begin to make memories in a beautiful new waterfront home. For more details, you can email us at alina@spearsandcorealstate.com

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