What is more important than the size or location of a home?

If you’re thinking about buying a home, Real Estate companies in Rockport, Texas are the best for you. You need to think about what is essential for you: the size or the location? While both are crucial factors, those outside of Spears & Co Realtors will tell you the most important is “location, location, location.” However, most people looking to downsize and growing families looking to upsize may need to sacrifice the “perfect” location with square footage to get everything they need. If you face trouble with the size and location, look at our guide to solve your dilemma.

The location of a home is more critical if you plan to rent out your house

Suppose you think about renting out your home to tenants or short-term visitors. The income potential based on the property’s geographic location is critical. It does not affect your rental’s demand and supply, and overall desire, for example, the tourists who want to stay in a great spot and renters who want to live in an ideal location. Still, it is required to find out how profitable the rental will be.

It is beneficial for you if you have:

School-age children

If you are moving with your school-age children, you need to consider the best schools in your area. If high-rated private or public schools are high on your list of priorities, make sure to let your agent know before starting the house hunting.

You plan to sell your home eventually.

If you are not planning to make this your forever home, you need to consider its resale value. And the location is one of the most crucial factors in determining a home’s long-term appreciation potential. So if you are hoping to sell your home in a few years, then location should be a strong consideration.

You want an ideal work commute.

If you are working obviously, you want a better location close to the large home out in the suberbs. Simultaneously, a city apartment is often smaller and more expensive than a home in the suburbs. Maybe a short work commute makes it worth the sacrifice. Research after research has shown that those with a shorter commute enjoy more free time and stress less.

Need access to specific amenities

Whether it is public transport or coffee shops, everyday amenities are the main factors when shifting to a new home. Like grocery shops and restaurants, those in need of specific amenities should emphasize their home location instead of the size.

The size of a home is more critical if…

You're are planning to start or grow a family.

If you want to start or expand your family, it is the best option to search out a larger home. That may mean moving out to the suburbs, where most families get more bang for their buck in most cities. The location is not ideal for work access and commutes to city amenities; maybe it is the best place for young couples to start a new family.

You already have a large family.

If you want more living space and bedrooms for a large family. If you graduated from your starter home into something more spacious, then strongly sacrifice the location for size. Additionally, a big house may mean more outdoor yard space for kids and pets to enjoy.

Need more space for guests

If your home is a guests’ place, you may need to consider moving to a larger area. Whether in-laws are popping by, friends visiting, or family crashing on your couch, having a larger home with more bedrooms, and a guest home will significantly improve your quality of life.

You are downsizing

Sometimes you need a small home. Like after retirement or for the sake of simplicity, there are many reasons why moving to a smaller house makes sense. If you are moving away from your family neighborhood filled with friends, it may look like a bit of a sacrifice. However, you will likely save on housekeeping and utility bills when moving to a smaller home.

Travel a lot for work or travel lovers and don't need a large home

If you are a travel lover, you may need to focus your house search on smaller homes (think: a little pied-a-terre or landing pad for when you are in town). If you find that you are not using half the bedrooms or space available in your existing home, purchasing or renting a smaller abode makes sense. Additionally, given that you are rarely home, your house’s location likely won’t matter as much.

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